About Sash Systems

Sash Systems

Sash Systems is one of the largest and most prominent businesses specializing in general construction and contracting in Egypt, the Arab world and the Middle East as well.

 We have a great experience and a history of achievements in the field of general construction and contracting spanning more than 30 years of work in this field, and cooperation with thousands of distinguished customers in Egypt, the Arab world and the Middle East as well.

 Sash Systems specializes in the creation and installation of the latest trends in the facades of the buildings of businesses, institutions and other administrative buildings, where the company works in the design and installation of the facades of The Cladding – Stretched glass facades and Cartenol – heavenly domes (Skylight) of polycarbonate panels or glass ( Securit Glass and Spider System, as well as the design and installation of the latest designs of the oil and exterior and interior billboards in the types acrylic and stainless.

Sash Systems General Construction and Contracting also offers the services of designing and installing wooden doors along with all kinds of aluminum doors and windows, primarily PVC doors and windows, which is considered one of the best types and designs of aluminum windows in the world.

The company has a large customer base in Egypt and all the Arab world, and an honorable history of honesty, credibility, and professionalism in completing and delivering projects at times agreed with customers, and Sash Systems is also renowned for the high quality of products it provides to customers around the world.

The company always strives for continuous development and modernization and provides the best offers and services in order to meet the customer’s wishes and positive expectations about our services and products, as well as to improve our customers’ experience in dealing with the company and its services.